Stay on it – concert

13 May
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Stay on it – concert

Ticket: 25, – *
Start: 12.00
Location: Pre-Reserved Studio A

As one of the first performed works of Julius Eastman, Stay on it (1973) turns minimal music as known from a.o. Terry Riley and John Cage on its head. It is minimal and it is really groovy and poetic at the same time. The musicians are granted a lot of improvisational and theatrical freedom. As there is no score found after Eastman died in 1991, a reconstruction was made by what performers remembered of the ‘instruction sheet’ that was handed out to each of them. This is in good hands with these nine groovy musicians, all studying (or finished their study) at Conservatorium of Amsterdam and who make their own convincing and inspiring version of ‘Stay on it’. Experience their energy, power and tenderness and explore the early work of Julius Eastman. You can experience the Installation Gay Guerrilla after the concert.

Daniel Bolba, keyboard
Michele Mazzini, clarinet
Keith Ng, percussion
Agostinho Sequeira, percussion
Vizma Zvaigzne, voice
Maat Saxophone Quartet:
Daniel Lourenço, soprano sax
Catarina Gomes, alto sax
Mafalda Oliveira, baritone sax
Pedro Silva, tenor sax

* We’re pleased to offer free tickets to our event for those with a small budget, so that everyone can enjoy the experience without any financial barriers. contact us via