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SECHS is an audiovisual spatial string instrument, initiated by 24classics, featuring  multidisciplinary artist Boris Acket, composer Maarten Vos and light artist and media designer Christopher Bauder. The music is a new electro-acoustic composition based on BACH’s 6th cello suite.  Every note you hear is produced on the cello of Maarten Vos

Immerse yourself into an otherworldly experience of light, sound and space.

Bach’s music has often been described as “mathematical” or “pure.” This is due in part to the intricate structures and symmetries present in his music. Symmetrical arrangements and repetitions were typical of compositions in Bach’s time, but no one else approached his innovation and mastery of these forms like Bach. While symmetrical elements can be found throughout Bach’s body of work, these elements are most apparent in his later pieces, particularly his Canons and the famous Cello Suites.

SECHS brings Bach’s heritage together with modern composition techniques and a refined kinetic light sculpture – emphasizing and re-interpreting his innovation in symmetry, repetition and composition. Following the likes of Wendy Carlos’ critically acclaimed ‘Switched on Bach’ — the first electronic interpretation of Bach’s work — and later re-interpreters such as Max Richter for Vivaldi, Acket & Vos present this completely new rendering of one of the world’s most influential composers. Together with the kinetic light sculpture by Christopher Bauder and spatial sound innovators 4DSOUND the composition is translated to a spatial immersive experience.

The result is an awe inspiring interplay between music, spatial sound and technology, between historical composition and current techniques. The sound and light sculpture will come to life in the monumental church ‘Zuiderkerk’ in Amsterdam’s old city centre, completed in 1603. 

SECHS is an initiative by 24classics
Date: 17.06. 2021 – 04.07.2021
Concept & Composition:
Boris Acket & Maarten Vos

Scenography & Creative Direction:
Christopher Bauder

Technology, software & Production: Whitevoid & Kinetic Lights Spatial Sound Engine & Custom Interactive Software: 4DSOUND
Produced by: Chris van Meer
Soundsystem by: Focus

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