Maat Saxophone Quartet

Wednesday 27 March Tijd 21:00
Locatie Rotterdam secret

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24classics is proud to announce the MAAT saxophone quartet for our upcoming 24chambers concert on March 27th in Rotterdam. MAAT consists out of Daniel on soprano, Catarina on alto, Pedro on tenor and Mafalda on baritone. These ’Maatjes’ have been playing together since 2018. In the projects they do, they look for the connection between their individual personalities, their ideals as artists and their strength as a group. Just as important is the connection to the world and society that surrounds us. 

The Belgium newspaper De Luister writes: ‘We can be brief over the playing of Maat: promising, devilishly good and heavenly contagious’.

You might not expect saxophone in classical music, but this instrument shines in famous pieces like Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Ravel’s Bolero, and Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances. It’s an instrument that wails and sings with vibrant hues. More and more students in the Dutch conservatories are picking up this instrument, which is why we are so happy to have the great MAAT for our next 24chambers.

For 24chambers MAAT will play music from their new project “No one is too small” which calls people to act towards climate change. It aims to show that denial is not a choice, that the world needs urgent action, and that a collective, proactive and caring mindset towards climate change will change its course. No one is too small (to act). No action is too small (to make a difference).

24classics flips the script on classical music with the 24chambers concert series. Each month, we curate an intimate performance at a secret location featuring musicians who explore classical music’s expansive nature, breaking traditional perceptions. 24chambers; where the music is classic, the crowd is small and the drinks are free! The guest list is open for everyone – you don’t need to be a Friend of 24classics (although Little Friends are first in line). 

To join a 24chambers concert of request a free invitation to our guest list. On concert day, you’ll receive a text with the exact location. As always, we have limited seating, but an abundance of sponsored drinks. Admission is free—pay what you can at the door!

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