The Last Song

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While all our playlists are carefully curated by talented musicians we invite, this particular one is a special creation from our team. We hope you enjoy it!

There is one question we ask every guest at the end of our podcast episodes: “What music do you want to hear at the end of your life?” This has led to a variety of answers. Some want music that makes them feel at home, some want to dance till the end, and some just want silence. We have collected all the songs in a playlist. What song is so important for you, you would like to hear at the end of your life?

Teun Creemers Lionel Loueke, Incantation “Very inspiring guitarist”

WAAN Bart Wirtz The Police – Everything She Does Is Magic
Emiel van Rijthoven Gabriel Fauré, Requiem “Phenomenal”

Nduduzo Makhathini John Coltrane, Living Space
“The history of Zulu people tells us that we are born through song, and for us, it is very natural that when we leave, we will be invited by the song. I’ve always said that if it was possible, I would like to dissolve into a song someday.”

Matteo Myderwyk Arooj Aftab, Vulture Prince
“This is the music that has touched me most recently because music touches you throughout your whole life. When I first heard that, I thought, ‘This cannot be, if something goes so straight to the core.’ She’s just like Messi, such a natural talent.”

Julija Hartig Gustav Mahler, Rückert-Lieder: Ich Bin der Welt abhanden gekommen
“This piece very much depicted how I felt at a moment in my life”

Sanne Bijker John Cage, 4’33
“I actually think I’d prefer silence. Music demands your attention and takes you somewhere else. I believe that in the moment of my passing, I’d like to focus on that.”

Sofia Ferri Don McLean, Winterwood
“He has a voice that always makes me feel at home. I find it a comforting thought to listen to it before I close my eyes, like a warm bath.”

Roman Brasser Antonio Vivaldi, Il Giustino RV. 717: Vedrò Con Mio Diletto
“I’ll bounce with excitement when I hear it, maybe that’s just what I want before dying, as a kind of final throes.”

Leonard Besseling Rachmaninov, Trio élégiaque no. 2 op. 9: I: Moderato
Eduardo Pareses Carpo Franz Schubert, String Quintet in C Major D.956: II. Adagio
“My standard response when this question is asked to me.”

Mattijs van de Woerd The Who, I’m Free (live)
“I well up with emotion every time I hear this song. The song is ecstatic, it literally shouts out: ‘I am liberated, from everything!’ I imagine dying like this: if it’s like this, I don’t have to dread it.”

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